Incarcerated Partners

In 2018 Defined Arts launched a program that would represent individuals with remarkable talents but serving time for criminal acts.  Some of the most talented artist are creating remarkable pieces of work and the world never sees it.  We often think that people serving time are all bad; hopeless individuals but that is far from the truth.  We must build others up and create platforms for them to flourish as opposed to tearing them down.  Many have talent and never realize they have a  professional craft to pursue or they simply don't because they don't know how.  So many people, not just those incarcerated are sitting on undiscovered gifts that can help shape the world to be a better place. I hope to be a part of the change.

This program is designed to serve as a platform for these talented individuals to focus on their natural talents and use them as positive reinforcement and outlets to create better options in life upon release. It is also intended to help inmates receive funds to pay legal fees and help support their families during their time away.  The world needs more positive reinforcement, as the program matures and gains support I hope to change the lives of many who saw no hope for their future. 


Damien Calhoun Sr., 43 years old

Damien has served 18 years on a life term and to this day he continues to fight for his freedom. 

A Message from Damien...

I've left behind three sons and a daughter to grow up without a father to guide them through their lives.  It wounds me deeply to watch my children become young adults and for them to have children themselves and watch them grow up through pictures.

I accept that God allows things to happen sometimes for the better. Doing time hasn't been easy however I've adapted ways to deal with it. This experience has allowed me to become a better man, father, son, brother and companion.  I've used my time here to focus more on my talents; I'm a motivational speaker, a writer who has completed his first fictional novel, and an artist. I've always wanted the world to see my art, but I never had an outlet to do so.

I appreciate this opportunity to share my talent with the world, To God Be The Glory! I pray that one day my talents will allow me to touch lives and help me afford the money for lawyers to fight for my freedom. Your time and interest in my work and my story is greatly appreciated. I wish God's peace and His blessings upon you all.


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